Straightforward Biographical Data

Name: Russell (Rusty) Wayne Spell.
Date of Birth: Wednesday, 29 Jan 1975 (6:20 pm).
Race: Irish American.
Height: 6" 1".
Weight: 110-125 lbs.
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Brown.
Birthplace: Jackson, Mississippi, USA.
Wife: Carrie Leigh Hoffman Spell.
Pearl, Mississippi, USA.
Current Residence: Auburn, Alabama (2008-present).
Former Residences: Pearl Mississippi (1975-1993). Hattiesburg Mississippi (1993-2002). Edinburg Texas (2002-2006). McAllen Texas (2006-2008).
Education: McLauren Heights Baptist Church Kindergarten (1980-1981). Pearl Schools (1981-1993). The University of Southern Mississippi (1993-1997: BA, 1997-1999: MA, 1999-2002: PhD).
College Major: English. Minor in Secondary Education. Emphasis Areas: Fiction Writing, 20th Century Literature, Modernism, Harold Pinter.
Employment: Instructor, Auburn University. Writing and literature.
Former Employment: Lecturer, The University of Texas Pan American.  T.A., The University of Southern Mississippi. Also: Newspaper freelancer, writing tutor, English department office, computer lab, data entry, complaints department, babysitter, throwing furniture, all-girls dorm, Space Camp '99.

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