Board Games

These are games which are played on flat boards, board games. Some of the boards are easily found (such as backgammon boards), some of them are the equivalent of already-existing games (such as Monopoly boards), and some require boards which are custom-made for the new game.

Crazy Sliders -- Created in 2002, a game played on a backgammon board in which the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Click here for official rules.

Honopoly -- "A game of pimps and their whores," this game can be played on a Monopoly board, but it's not much at all like Monopoly. You purchase "hos" then move them around the board, collecting money from customers and competing against other pimps. This is a board game and has been made into a computer game as well. Created in 1993.

Pickle -- Created in 1995, this board game involves rolling dice, getting money, buying points, and avoiding the pickle. It has also been made into a computer game. See Computer Games for details.

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