Computer Games

These are the games that can be played on the computer, though some are based on board games and other games that can be played in the non-cyber world. All of these games were programmed by Noby Nobriga.

The Dot Game -- Created in 1993, this is the original connect the dots to make boxes and you win game. Relive those boring hours in elementary school and under the pew in church. Download here.

Get To the Hut -- Created in about 1999, this study in bad graphics and horrible gameplay is a modern day classic.

Honopoly -- This is the computer version of the board game. See Board Games for a description. Created in 1993.

Luck! -- Subtitled "The Random-Ass Game," this is a take on Press Your Luck which is based even more on luck than that game. Created in about 1993.

Othello -- Created in about 1991, this is not the popular board game, but the popular Shakespeare characters Othello and Iago battling it out with knives.

Pickle -- A board game, the computer version of which is currently called Pickle 95 (though there is a newer version in the works). See Board Games for details. Created 1993.

Quest for Knighthood -- Created in about 1991, this text adventure sets you on a quest to become a knight by defeating the evil Farko. Plenty of puzzles, excitement, and Bug-a-Boos along the way.

Smashing Groundhogs -- Created in about 1994, a game in which you hit groundhogs and gophers over the head with a bloody mallet as they pop out of their little holes. Each shriek will encourage you to keep smashing. Download here.

Swinigin McGoots: The Game -- Created in about 1991, this text adventure brings the popular 'nikcuS song and Joshua Sansing story to life. Make sure to use your goot balloon!

Video Adventure -- Created in about 1992, this text adventure brings together all of the popular characters from the Tuesday Afternoon Pre-Recorded videos.

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