Nonexistent Games

These are the games that don't actually exist yet, though we hope to create them someday. Some of them exist fully in our minds, and some of them exist only as broad concepts.

Battle Chess Frogs -- This will be a mix of chess and frogs who hop from square to square fighting for their position.

"Crystals" -- The working title for a game Rusty invented on paper in elementary school in which the goal is to hit various crystals while avoiding black holes.

Insane -- A game in which the strategy of chess is coupled with the insanity of rolling dice and other aburdities. Crazy Sliders (see Board Games) is the first step toward the creation of this game. Also known as Werewolf.

Mad Switcher -- A game in which you are the switcher for a railway who must switch quickly to safely get the trains to their destination.

Screwed Dimension -- A King's Quest-type game in which you are hurled into a strange dimension where every step brings you to some entirely new scenario: from the beach to a medeival realm to space to a game show...

Sitcom (featuring Gimme a Break) -- This will be a game based on television situation comedies, featuring: the Gimme a Break section where you suck up fish from a tank with your vacuum cleaner; the One Day at a Time section where you are Schneider trying to fix the apartment; the Good Times section where you are Bookman trying to avoid Willona screaming "Booger!" and "Buffalo Butt!" at you.

Suppertime -- Not much more than the title is known about this game yet.

Taco Duck -- A variation of Burger Time where you are a duck making tacos, meanwhile avoiding evil hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, using your special hot sauce to combat them. "Duck!"

Texas Tea -- Noby and Rusty discussed this complex oil industry board game for lots of a fifteen hour trip to Texas. One day they might perfect it enough to create it.

"Untitled Board Game" -- The concept is an infinite board game in which the board is different with each play. A "board game" which fully utlizes computer capabilities, one that would be impossible on a literal board.

Westenlier -- An adventure game based on the writings of Paul H. Nobriga IV and his characters Lauren Leigh and White Raven.

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