Information: Jun 1989. 1:08:45.

Major Characters Introduced: Snott Brezere, Guil Smellerson, The Announcer, Rambo Lady, Dr. Hooloovoo Duke, Pea Bo Steele, Eugene F. McGuilicutty, A, Dead Guy, Bubba Williams-Simpson-Green, Jim Bo, Benetra.

Show Background: Though this is the earliest existing recording, this is not the first broadcast--though certainly one of the first. Snott and Guil had clearly been working as DJs for 94 Licks for at least a few weeks by this point, and this show finds them in the MacDonald's parking lot broadcasting out of a van (rather than the 94 Licks studio), hiding out due to their battle with copyright infringement which would be ongoing for the upcoming months.

Show Summary: Snott Brezere and Guil Smellerson bring in Rambo Lady (with a sore throat) as their first guest, have Dr. Hooloovoo Duke on in a Studio B segment called "The Spinal Column," and take callers to win the A volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica, during which Mooch Halowitz chases them across town with a gun. When they return, they take more callers then play a pre-recorded segment where Snott and Guil visit Eugene F. McGuilicutty and Jim Bo on their farm, a segment which turns into the first episode of The Manure Brothers. Throughout this episode, the show's announcer is brought in to read a copyright announcement anytime anything potentially copyright-infringing is played or said.

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01. Prelude [:29]
02. Call Letters [:14]

03. 1812 Introduction [1:12]
04. Opening Talk [2:20]
05. Dictionary Time [3:05]
06. Rambo Lady [4:33]
07. Fiber Oat Bran [3:10]
08. Dr. Hooloovoo Duke [2:37]
09. Fibra Clean-a-Sys Bran Cereal [1:04]
10. Callers [8:35]
11. Cliffhanger [3:00]
12. She Drives Me Crazy, Etc. [5:31]
13. Callers Again [8:55]
14. Copyright Laws [4:10]
15. Reviews [3:16]
16. Birthdays [1:39]
17. The Manure Brothers [4:38]
18. Post-Manure [1:21]
19. Mysteries of the Unknown Losers [1:24]
20. MC and the Boys [1:04]
21. Cleveland Symphony Orchestra [1:45]
22. The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy [:53]
23. Clipped Reading [:45]
24. 1812 Conclusion [3:07]

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