94 Licks

The 94 Licks radio station began in Jackson, Mississippi in 1929. A small building was constructed for the purpose of transmitting a radio station, and two DJs were hired, a husband and wife team known as Buck and Louise. They came on in the evenings and were known as The Duskbusters. The radio station back then was heard by way of Dixie Cups and string. Buck and Louise were eventually fired for breaking FCC regulations (insulting in-studio guest and then-president Herbert Hoover, with words that couldn't be said on the radio).

But the 94 Licks building (as it was known) remained, and the capital city of Jackson grew around it, though no one ever broadcast from the facilities. Until 1989 when, under mysterious circumstances, Noby Nobriga and Rusty Spell bought the 94 Licks building (which had grown into a tall, modern building by this time, the 94 Licks studio being placed on the second floor, a detective agency on the first, and other business in higher levels). New DJs were hired, two twenty-four-year-olds named Snott Brezere and Guil Smellerson, and they came to be known as the DUSKBUSTERS! (re-claiming the name began with Buck and Louise, but capitalizing it and adding an exclamation mark for a more "in your face" look).

The first new broadcast of 94 Licks went out at 6:00 pm central time in the summer of 1989, sixty years after the radio station began. This time, the equipment was more sophisticated--no more Dixie Cups and string, but a real radio broadcast that covered the city of Jackson and beyond, on the frequency of 94.777 (to infinity) on the FM dial.

There was also a radio station in Jackson at the time called 94 TYX (pronounced "ticks") with a frequency of 94.7 on the FM dial. They had DJs named Scott Matere and Bill Ellison who came on in the morning in a show called The Dawnbusters. Though there are startling similarities here, these similarities are merely coincidences.

For several months, the DUSKBUSTERS! were the only show on 94 Licks, broadcasting from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am every day. The Graveyard shift appeared next, broadcasting from 12:00 am to 6:00 am; The Sunrise Guys took the morning show from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm; and The Guy Who Comes On in the Afternoon By Himself took the 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm shift. This is the schedule of 94 Licks that has remained to this day.

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