Information: 3-4 Sep 1994. 3:10:40.

Major Characters Introduced: The Softball Coach.

Show Background: It's the DUSKBUSTERS... again.

Show Summary: The Softball Coach gives a call to the station, Snott and Guil discuss the controversy of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," and Forrest Gump is discussed extensively. The DJs have a Spee DC Dee contest to give away an 80s CD. Lester M. Koontz visits the studio. The Love Doctors have a studio B segment. Snott and Guil sing "Holiday." Faye from Wings talks to Guil. The boys are attacked by alien balloons and then are visited by Twinkie and Flashlight Boy. The Manure Brothers talk to Mexicans before Snott and Guil quit their job, become movie ushers, go to the Vietnam war, stop a wedding, and magically re-enter their first day of work in 1989 in yet another time paradox.

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