Information: 8 Oct 1990. 1:34:34.

Major Characters Introduced: Reginald, Fitzgerald, Buck, Louise.

Show Background: Just another day at the 94 Licks studio, a few months after the previous show.

Show Summary: The DUSKBUSTERS! take callers to give away Glop-in-a-Can, their new sponsor. The Intellectual Dudes make their first appearance in a studio B segment, and Shelley the Waitress from Twin Peaks is interviewed in the studio (including phone calls from both David Lynch and Mark Frost). The DUSKBUSTERS! eat taffy after coming back from the Mississippi State Fair where the telephone committee man/Gravitron guy screams "Four tickets to ride!" Rambo Lady is interviewed, a 'nikcuS song is played, the Pizza Dude visits, and The Manure Brothers go to the state fair where they end up in an episode of Back to the Future. Christine and Raoul conclude their cliffhanger. The first Duskbusters from the 1920s, Buck and Louise, are interviewed. "A" changes to "B" and there is a spooky Killer Bob Cliffhanger to end the show.



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01. William Tell Introduction [2:20]
02. Opening Talk [2:49]
03. Roddensmucker's Grape Jelly [1:48]
04. Callers: Glop in a Can [7:15]
05. The Intellectual Dudes [1:47]
06. Shelley the Waitress [6:54]
07. Callers Again [4:16]
08. The State Fair [1:59]
09. Back to the Future Part 14: Do the Limbo [2:27]
10. Rambo Lady Intro [1:09]
11. Coca-Cola [:14]
12. Rambo Lady: Blood Sucking II [9:45]
13. Cur Dog [2:54]
14. 'nikcuS Is Good [1:48]
15. Pizza Dude [4:20]
16. Manure Brothers: The State Fair [5:37]
17. Back to the Future Part 21: The Smell of Manure [4:25]
18. Cliffhanger Intro [:54]
19. Cliffhanger: The Conclusion of Christine and Raoul [2:50]
20. On with the Show [2:41]
21. Glop in a Can [2:28]
22. Cellu-Suck [2:01]
23. Buck and Louise [8:02]
24. Songs We Like [2:20]
25. Talking [3:00]
26. B-52's Vacuum Cleaner Shop [1:40]
27. Callers One More Time [5:52]
28. Killer Bob Cliffhanger [:47]

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