Information: Aug 1991. 1:34:49.

Major Characters Introduced: The Candy Woman.

Show Background: In addition to being taped on an unknown day in August of 1991, there is also a six minute montage of other radio stations at the end from December 1992, showing the state of radio while the DUSKBUSTERS! disappeared off the face of the earth after this episode. This show ends the first era of the DUSKBUSTERS!

Show Summary: It is international month on the DUSKBUSTERS! and today's featured country is Germany; therefore, they take callers to give away a piece of the Berlin Wall followed by the Nena song "99 Luftballons." This is also the two year celebration of the DUSKBUSTERS!, so the DJs play old clips throughout the show. The Candy Woman is interviewed, the remake of "How Now Brown Cow" is played, and The Manure Brothers visit the beach. Continuing with German day, the DJs play the song "Vihen Danhk" before interviewing Scab Boy. The new band Synthetic Fibers is introduced by playing three of their songs. At the end of this episode, Doc Brown finds out that Marty has died from listening to too much DUSKBUSTERS!, so he goes back in time to stop them from ever existing. He stops in 1989 first to ask them to stop the show. They don't cooperate, so he travels back to 1929 to stop the show at its roots with Buck and Louise. Six minutes of 1992 radio footage is played afterwards, showing radio without the DUSKBUSTERS!

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01. Peter Gunn Intro [4:12]
02. 1-900-976-LOVE [1:07]
03. The Lizard's Lounge [1:03]
04. International Day [5:49]
05. Callers: Berlin Wall Rock [5:24]
06. 99 Luftballons [3:49]
07. Post-Nena [1:55]
08. Stop Crime [2:21]
09. The Candy Woman [8:31]
10. The Uninformed Jew: Yom Kippur [:53]
11. Old Show Clips [3:11]
12. How Now Brown Cow (Remake) [1:40]
13. My Mom's the Governor [1:17]
14. Tina Was Hit By a Nuclear Bomb [1:00]
15. Capcon Technical School [1:38]
16. NASA: Help Waste [1:47]
17. Pre-Manure [2:14]
18. The Manure Brothers: The Beach [5:29]
19. Post-Manure [1:02]
20. Vihen Danhk [3:44]
21. Scab Boy [8:35]
22. Glop in a Can [2:24]
23. Introducing Synthetic Fibers [1:14]
24. The Flea Circus [3:17]
25. The End [:50]
26. Bad Boys [:46]
27. Talkin' [3:28]
28. Back to School Announcement [:56]
29. Old Show Clips Again [:53]
30. Doc Stops the DUSKBUSTERS! [7:49]
31. Radio Without the DUSKBUSTERS! (Dec 1992) [6:19]

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