Information: 6-7 Jul 1995. 1:46:00.

Major Characters Introduced: David Paul.

Show Background: Since 'nikcuS refuses to work under DUSKBUSTERS! Productions, 'nikcuS Productions produced this episode of the show so that Noby and Rusty of 'nikcuS could be interviewed. This show is also significant because it collects many "lost" segments from years gone by.

Show Summary: After making Douglas Adams angry, Snott and Guil go on a helicopter adventure. A lost segment is played: the first DUSKBUSTERS! critic followed by "Artisans and Their Arts." To promote the new 'nikcuS album, Plugged, the DJs take callers to give away a copy before 'nikcuS themselves (two-thirds anyway) arrive to be interviewed. They also adlib two songs. A lost segment of the DUSKBUSTERS! in Florida is played, followed by the actual recording of the genesis of Salt Potato Man. Mama Betty is interviewed before The Intellectual Dudes have a new show and introduce one of their lost clips. The Manure Brothers talk to Heidi. David Paul has his first show. A pre-recorded segment is played of Guil interviewing Larry the Titiki Bird in the rainforest and Ahab the Beached Whale on a beach. Finally, the boys have a very special Dictionary Time at Waldenbooks.

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1. Dire Straits Introduction / Who's Coming On [8:49]
2. Down Under Commercial [1:08]
3. Douglas Adams [1:51]
4. Helicopter Adventure [3:48]
5. DUSKBUSTERS! Critic [1:43]
6. Artisans and Their Art [2:19]
7. Callers: Plugged [7:04]
8. 'nikcuS Interview [9:38]
9. Caramel Apples [2:58]
10. Snott and Guil Leave [1:07]
11. Buddies [2:41]
12. Snott and Guil Are Still Gone [:33]
13. A Good Ol' Friend [2:44]
14. Post 'nikcuS [3:11]
15. DUSKBUSTERS! from Florida [3:16]
16. Salt Potato Man's Genesis [:46]
17. Mama Betty Interview [5:31]
18. The Intellectual Dudes [2:22]
19. The Intellectual Dudes Old Footage [2:37]
20. The Manure Brothers: Heidi [5:32]
21. Callers Again [4:20]
22. Purple Stuff [1:26]
23. Pre-David Paul [:29]
24. David Paul [14:28]
25. Larry the Titiki Bird [4:05]
26. Ahab the Beached Whale [5:32]
27. Dictionary Time at Waldenbooks [3:18]
28. Jaime [2:29]

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