Information: 2-3 Oct 1996. 3:11:34.

Major Characters Introduced: No one.

Show Background: The only show to never air The Manure Brothers.

Show Summary: Back to the Future Part 28 asks the question, "What the crap's going on?" Rusty Spell is interviewed about his new band The Mnemonic Devices. The New Age guys give a studio B segment. The DJs try to give away a shoe as a prize before Charles Grodin interviews the three potential presidents of the United States: Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, and Ross Perot. Snott and Guil make a remix hour, the new band Yo! MaHma is introduced, Stanley Hoodle talks about the English language, and Chessy Patterson talks about crabbin'. Finally, David Paul has a show before the boys close up the show.

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