Information: 10 Dec 1990. 3:10:13.

Major Characters Introduced: Mrs. Brezere, Bubblina.

Show Background: So much was going on in this episode that Joshua Sansing collected over three hours of it from the relay tapes, the longest to date. This is the first existing Christmas-era episode.

Show Summary: Guil decides he needs a break, so a guest DJ is pulled in named Slammin' Sammy who takes over the show until he is thrown out. Guil returns and they take callers to win a chess horse piece. The DUSKBUSTERS! visit the Sunrise Guys studio and then play a message from the troops in Saudi Arabia. A new game show is introduced, Impersonate That Character!, and The Manure Brothers visit the North Pole to see Santa Claus. The DJ's play Madonna's "Justify My Love" song which prompts the first call from Snott's mom, Mrs. Brezere, who objects to Madonna. Following Snott's Mom, Guil calls his grandmother to see how her cornbread is doing, then Salt Potato Man comes on to talk about his new TV show. The reindeer whose name no one can remember is interviewed, followed by a remix hour. After the DUSKBUSTERS! listen to a commercial for a movie called Granny Kills Christmas, they take it upon themselves to save Christmas and visit the North Pole themselves. Back at the studio, they have an interview with the Dip Cone Guy, play an Adventures in Odyssey clip, play The Cars' "You Might Think," and play a studio B segment with Dr. Hooloovoo Duke interviewing a virus. The Soul Brothers come on near the end of the show, followed by a dream sequence from Bubba Williams-Simpson-Green about Bubblina.


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01. Opening Talk [4:16]
02. 70s-a-Disco [2:05]
03. What's On Next? [6:09]
04. Guest DJ [2:31]
05. Ajax [:44]
06. Slammin' Sammy [7:37]
07. Back to the Future Part 37: Marty Finds a Book [2:22]
08. Snott By Himself [1:13]
09. 'nikcuS Rehearsing [:51]
10. Guil Returns [1:56]
11. Rick the Hop-a-Long Cop [1:34]
12. Callers: Chess Horse [6:30]
13. Sunrise Guys Studio [3:24]
14. Dang Reindeer [2:38]
15. Christmas Message from Saudi Arabia [3:20]
16. Back in the Ball Game [1:11]
17. Stand Greenpeace Announcement [2:12]
18. Drank Some Acid [1:36]
19. Impersonate That Character! [6:56]
20. Pre-Manure [:39]
21. The Manure Brothers: The North Pole [9:19]
22. Post-Manure [:45]
23. A 2-Live Crew Christmas [1:40]
24. Callers Again [15:24]
25. Justify My Love [5:03]
26. Killing Time [3:18]
27. Snott's Mom [5:20]
28. Grandma's Cornbread [3:03]
29. Salutatorian [1:36]
30. Salt Potato Man: TV Show [11:26]
31. Britta Spaghetti Commercial [1:03]
32. Blitzen [6:04]
33. Remix Hour [8:39]
34. Granny Kills Christmas [2:21]
35. The DUSKBUSTERS! Save Christmas [7:00]
36. The Agenda [2:36]
37. Algebra II: The Variables Return [2:28]
38. Dip Cone Guy [11:07]
39. Adventures in Odyssey [2:12]
40. The 80s: You Might Think [3:49]
41. Morbid Mother Goose Rhymes [:40]
42. Callers: What Happened To Us? [8:39]
43. Dr. Hooloovoo Duke: Viruses [3:46]
44. The Soul Brothers [8:37]
45. The Uninformed Jew: Barmitzvah [1:02]
46. Bubba's Dream Sequence [3:13]

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