Information: 27 Dec 1992. 1:35:16.

Major Characters Introduced: Jerry Clower.

Show Background: Although the studio equipment used on the previous episode was clearly better than what they had in 1991, the equipment on this post-Christmas show (supplied by Santa Claus) allowed them to sound better than ever, which the DJs were very excited about.

Show Summary: The episode begins with a clip from a pre-Christmas show demonstrating the crappy equipment the studio has, followed by the present show, complete with stereo sound. The DUSKBUSTERS! attempt to give away a Godspell musical CD as a prize, but a call from Columbo from the Fifth Pith Precinct prompts a hasty getaway in the DUSKBUSTERS! helicoptor and commercial jet. Back in the studio, Guil does a special remix for the song "The Monkey's Uncle," The Movie Critics return, and Uncle Sniffy visits and does a special Ask Uncle Sniffy segment. The Manure Brothers rock back and forth on their porch. The Phantom of the Opera visits for an interview... or does he? The DJs give the birthdays, and the show ends with an unusual phone call.

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