'nikcuS Albums

The first three 'nikcuS albums, 'nikcuS, Heterogeneous, and a Paradox were originally released under DUSKBUSTERS! Productions. When 'nikcuS Productions formed in 1992, an arrangement was made to have 'nikcuS Productions release the first album by special permission of DUSKBUSTERS! Productions. The second two albums were eventually dismissed from the official catalog and compiled onto a collection known as Leftovers I which was also released by 'nikcuS Productions by special permission of DUSKBUSTERS! Productions.

In July of 1995, Noby Nobriga and Rusty Spell of 'nikcuS appeared on a DUSKBUSTERS! show, and part of their agreement to appear was to have the show released under 'nikcuS Productions. Therefore, the relay tape known as History is listed here by special permission of 'nikcuS Productions.

Copyright (c) Sep 2003 DUSKBUSTERS! Productions