Information: 9 Feb 1996. 1:35:15.

Major Characters Introduced: Charles Grodin.

Show Background: Business as usual.

Show Summary: The DJs decide to play 21 songs by They Might Be Giants throughout the show, and they do. The Concert Guy arrives to give a demonstration. Nerd Boy is interviewed. Snott and Guil manage to track down Roxanne, the long-lost DUSKBUSTER! who is in a hotel on the beach during her extended (now six year long) paid vacation, and give her a phone call. They take callers to give away Farley's Peanuts before playing a Manure Brothers that takes the brothers to a space station. Charles Grodin's show is introduced and he interviews Tommy Chong and Roscoe P. Coetrane. Guil talks to his Grandma and David Paul has a show before Snott and Guil chase an old man around to the tune of "Yakety Sax" for the show's conclusion.

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