Information: 11 Aug 1990. 2:37:41.

Major Characters Introduced: Doc Brown, Marty McFly, Tape Cover, Pizza Dude.

Show Background: The DUSKBUSTERS! had promised the New Kids on the Block as a guest the previous month (on the last show) and they come through on this episode. This show is known as "Overtime" because it is the longest relay tape to this date, taking more than one cassette to record the reels.

Show Summary: The DUSKBUSTERS! sing an introduction song using the music of Bel Biv Devoe's "Poison." The very first commercial for Back to the Future is played (Marty Meets Ug) and Salt Potato Man drops in for a visit. There is an elaborate contest to win a copy of the New Kids on the Block Step By Step tape recorded onto a blank Maxell in which the DJs proclaim that the five people on the cover of the album are not the New Kids on the Block. The callers have to call in and tell who is on the cover to win the prize. Finally, the New Kids show up for an interview and even take some calls by themselves while the DUSKBUSTERS! go to McDonald's. When they return, they have a Smash or Flush featuring the New Kids' "Tonight" and 'nikcuS's "Our Redundant Song." Uncle Sniffy comes into the studio for an "Ask Uncle Sniffy" segment, there is a cliffhanger with the lovers Christine and Raoul, the DJs have a dictionary time using the Young Reader's Book of the World Dictionary, the Pizza Dude visits, Mr. Nice Pants is interviewed, and a Remix Hour is presented. When Snott and Guil can't seem to give the prize away, they call people at home, which they later apologize for. 'nikcuS's "The Ballad of Swinigin" is played on the air, solidifying 'nikcuS's popularity, before Guil calls his grandmother for a "How Is Guil's Grandmother's Cornbread Doing?" segment. The Manure Brothers visit a big city factory shortly before the show ends.

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01. Poison Introduction [4:29]
02. Opening Talk [3:45]
03. Back to the Future Part 18: Marty Meets Ug [2:46]
04. What's Coming Up [2:21]
05. Salt Potato Man: Random Visit [9:26]
06. Happy American Lungs Foundation [:19]
07. Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Place [1:19]
08. New Kids on the Block Contest Rules [3:39]
09. Callers: New Kids on the Block Tape [7:25]
10. New Kids On Next [1:08]
11. New Kids on the Block Promotion [2:24]
12. New Kids on the Block [12:30]
13. Stand Greenpeace Announcement [2:15]
14. Stand Up Greenpeace Announcement [1:25]
15. Smash or Flush: Tonight vs. Our Redundant Song [3:45]
16. Welfare Announcement [1:27]
17. Smash or Flush Results [3:01]
18. Contest Revealed [2:28]
19. Ask Uncle Sniffy [6:34]
20. Cliffhanger: Christine and Raoul [3:08]
21. Dictionary Time [3:48]
22. Pizza Dude [3:32]
23. Mr. Nice Pants [4:29]
24. Recap [1:03]
25. Rolling Stones Cereal [1:34]
26. Remix Hour [11:07]
27. Prank Calls [10:49]
28. The Ballad of Swinigin [3:37]
29. Apologies [3:03]
30. How Much Cornbread Has Grandma Made? [5:35]
31. The Manure Brothers: Big City Factory [18:59]
32. Callers Again [6:51]
33. Smiley's School of Photography [1:25]
34. Grandma's Cornbread Again [5:04]
35. Bubba Williams-Simpson-Green: Gas Bill [1:11]

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