Information: 21 Mar 1990. 1:33:40.

Major Characters Introduced: Clyde Feltman, Happy Birthday Messenger, Tyrone Jones, Leroy Brown, Uncle Sniffy.

Show Background: Only two months later from their previous relay tape, the DUSKBUSTERS! were by this point pretty sure that they would last a while, gaining in popularity.

Show Summary: Snott and Guil take callers to win a week's supply of memo cards on this show. Rambo Lady (without a sore throat) shows up for an interview, and 'nikcuS receives their first radio airplay with the song "How Now Brown Cow" (a single that was out before their first album was released), instantly making them famous. In a studio B segment, Dr. Hooloovoo Duke brings in his first special guest, Clyde Feltman, to talk about nutrition. After Benetra the maid cleans up the studio and the DUSKBUSTERS! mess it back up, they play a pre-recorded tape of The Manure Brothers dining at a French restaurant. The Soul Brothers Tyrone Jones and Leroy Brown appear for the first time, in studio B, followed by a visit to the studio by Uncle Sniffy. At the end of the show, Snott and Guil attempt to make The Announcer say the copyright announcement faster, and Benetra comes in after the show to clean up the place again.

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01. Opening Talk [7:16]
02. Callers: Memo Cards [9:30]
03. Ajax [:40]
04. Rambo Lady: Normal Voice [7:57]
05. How Now Brown Cow, Etc. [6:45]
06. Happy American Lungs Foundation [:20]
07. Dr. Hooloovoo Duke: Nutrition, Clyde Feltman [6:26]
08. Callers Again [7:56]
09. Cleaning Up the Place [:43]
10. Still To Come [2:11]
11. The Manure Brothers: French Restaurant [12:31]
12. Post-Manure [:44]
13. Barney Fife [2:44]
14. Callers One More Time [8:17]
15. Birthdays [1:53]
16. In Heat [:25]
17. The Soul Brothers [6:22]
18. Uncle Sniffy [4:48]
19. Cars Conclusion [:50]
20. Fast Announcer [2:07]
21. Benetra [3:04]

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