Information: 26 Dec 1994. 1:35:30.

Major Characters Introduced: Kenneth, Beaver and Butt-Funk.

Show Background: IQs continue to lower at the 94 Licks Studios.

Show Summary: Snott and Guil begin a contest to see if listeners can tell what the frequency is, an answer that only Kenneth knows. The new band Weezer also visits the studio for an interview and a song. Beno from the Caps and Rabbas TV show is interviewed as well, and Bubba Williams-Simpson-Green gets his first radio show, "Bubba Talk." The Manure Brothers go to The Place, Beaver and Butt-Funk talk to Guil and watch TV, and the entire show ends with the DJs going on an adventure, the origins of which include the song "The Cars That Go Boom."

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