Information: 29 Jul 1990. 1:02:52.

Major Characters Introduced: Guil's Grandma.

Show Background: Just another day at the 94 Licks studio, a few months after the previous show.

Show Summary: Not one but two soap opera segments are introduced ("Soap Opera Talk" and "Buford's Soapy Talk") while Snott and Guil take callers to give away a 5 1/4" floppy diskette sleeve. Guil's Grandma is introduced in a phone segment called "How Is Guil's Grandmother's Cornbread Doing?" Rambo Lady (sore throat) makes a visit to the studio. The Manure Brothers hang out at the ranch. Dr. Hooloovoo Duke brings in guest Clyde Feltman again, this time to discuss the feeding habits of primates. At the end of the episode, the DJs attempt to escape from Bubba in a city bus.

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01. Opening Talk [4:03]
02. Soap Opera Talk [1:35]
03. What's To Come [8:11]
04. Callers: Floppy Diskette Sleeve [6:03]
05. The Catcher in the Rye-Bone [1:21]
06. Guil's Grandma [4:16]
07. Buford's Soapy Talk [1:30]
08. Rambo Lady: Phone Call [3:06]
09. Guil's Grandma: Gilligan [3:11]
10. Rambo Lady: Hoarse Throat [6:15]
11. Annual Goat Milk Churning Contest [1:14]
12. The Manure Brothers: Hangin' at the Ranch [5:47]
13. Post-Manure [:59]
14. Dr. Hooloovoo Duke with Clyde Feltman: The Feeding Habits of Primates [4:11]
15. 94 Licks Schedule [2:01]
16. Callers Again [6:06]
17. Escape from Bubba [1:40]
18. We're Back [1:16]

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