Information: 5 Nov 1997. 1:34:51.

Major Characters Introduced: Sean Connery, David Duchovny.

Show Background: In the old van from 1989, many mysteries from 1991-1997 are resolved in this, the end of phase two of the DUSKBUSTERS!

Show Summary: Due to another financial situation, the DUSKBUSTERS! are forced to hide out in the McDonald's parking lot as they did in 1989. They begin with the "1812 Overture," do the new and improved Fibra Clean-a-Sys Bran Cereal commercial, and get a call from Pea Bo Steele.  Eventually, they are sent on a time adventure that makes the time-space continuum go crazy, but that explains many mysteries from the 1991-1992 era. When things go back to normal, Stern Nicely visits the studio, Dr. Hooloovoo Duke has a studio B segment, and The Manure Brothers have a prize giveaway. Sean Connery and David Duchovny have a segment before the time adventure begins again.

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