Eternal Youth

All songs written by Stephin Merritt.

Losing Your Affection

You know me, I take nothing seriously. I can see a laughing face in every willow tree. But I'd rather be the queen at the guillotine in a bloody insurrection. I would rather be king when the rooks take wing than be losing your affection. Willow trees lose their leaves in the autumn breeze. Then there's these trees that stay green for centuries. I would rather rub the hair of a bear in a lair in the opposite direction. I would rather put the make on a rattlesnake than be losing your affection. I would rather be the frog speaking Tagalog as they start the vivisection. I would rather be the dog food in front of the dog than be losing your affection.

The Slow Fade

Doris Daytheearthstoodstill

They don't know we're out here, as far as we can tell, so jamming all our senses with advertising hell and late-night movie heaven is accidental, well, details at eleven. (But) Doris Daytheearthstoodstill, the hippest chick on Thurth. Let's live always the dream they beam from planet Earth. All our tentacles entwined, snow-blind and without sound. Doris Daytheearthstood still, you make my world go round. You grow a new antenna. The signals multiply with ads for soap and henna, the products we can't buy. And all across the asteroid, everyone will die unless we send the gas droid.

A Thousand Lovers in a Day

So you thought I loved you. Well, I did too, but my love has gone astray. All the love you gave me just left me so blue, so I found another way. A thousand lovers in a day, a thousand lovers everyday. I need more than one boy, more than one man. While the sun shines, I'll make hay. I need more than one girl, and yes I can cause soon I'll be old and gray.


I'm a Vampire

I never age and I'll never die, unlike all the stars in the sky. I'll be young forever, but why? Cause I'm a vampire. Dear, for whose victims I shed no tear. I am neither sweet nor sincere. And I'd rather drink blood than beer. Cause I'm a vampire. The sun will never touch me. I abhor its filthy light. I am the mistress of the damned and of the children of the night. I have all the love I need: it is your blood I crave. I am the bitch goddess from beyond your grave. I can turn into a bat. I can cast the evil eye. I have ever so much money, I'm gorgeous, and I can fly. I survived the Inquisition, been a harlot, been a queen. Survived for seven hundred years and still look seventeen. Hon, one from whom you really should run. I despise the light of the sun. And I kill your kind just for fun. Cause I'm a vampire. Damn, I am what? I am what I am, and I am impossibly glam, and I am happy as a clam. Cause I'm a vampire. Blanche, with a blood flow no one can stanch. A blood flow, a blood avalanche. I'm a tidal wave of tarantulas.

From Some Dying Star

Your lips are red on red. One kiss and I'd be dead. It's just like mama said, cause you're not human. Your eyes are blue on blue. You're too good to be true. I'd fall in love with you, but you're not human. You're not remotely human. You're from some dying star. I don't know what you are. Your hair is gold on gold. You're seventeen years old. You make my blood run cold cause you're not human. Too beautiful to be human. You're from some dying star. No one knows what you are. From some dying star somewheres. You walked down silver stairs that somehow magically unfurled. You're from some dying star. Even you don't know what you are.

Viennese Lift

Smash the Beauty Machine

All the birds are singing tra-la-la as the treetops turn to gold. Still we linger playing baccarat, wondering why we don't get old. We just stare at the rainbow scene. What could all of this beauty mean? Suddenly we're all sweet sixteen. Smash the beauty machine. As the stars come out ad nauseam, everyone stands and applauds. Suddenly we're all remembering why we needed all those gods. Was the world always this beautiful? Could we all have been so blind? Does the beauty come from your machine, or the world, or just the mind?

The Control Room

Find an Open Window

When you're feeling desperate, the lowest of the low, no one left to make you lonely, nowhere left to go, when you're lying facedown in the snow, find an open window then -- without a sound -- climb through the window and just let go. Fall to the ground. Take peaches and poison, mix them in a bowl. Separate the golem from the soul. When your love has come and gone and never to return, when you've no more hands to bite, no bridges left to burn, no more bitter lessons left to learn, find the nearest ocean, take a little boat, throw the paddle over and float, baby, float. Take a little pistol, place it in your mouth, pull the little trigger, and go south.

Kiss Me Only with Your Eyes

Mary Daly drove one day to town in her virgin's veil and wedding gown. When the priest said "You may kiss the bride," Mary pulled her veil down as she sighed: "Kiss me only with your eyes. More than this I should despise. This and no more, if you can, as you are a gentleman," and rapped his knuckles with her fan. Mary Daly--her name didn't change--at the end of life was just as strange. Just when they thought Mary was deceased, her eyes opened and she told the priest... Mary Daly, having done good things, went to see our savior for her wings. She stood on line waiting to be kissed, but when our Lord bent over her, she hissed... "So kiss me only with your eyes... Kiss me only with your eyes."


No River

I will walk along the beach by the ocean with my toes deep in the sand, and you will be there with me, whispering like all your fingers in my hand. There will be no river that we can't cross, no mountain we can't climb. I'll make all the same mistakes, and you'll forgive me. Cause I won't love you next time. Like the phoenix rising from the fire again, I will warm you with such fire even you could fall in love with me, and then... And I won't love you next time. When you fall in love with me, all this dreaming will be yours. All these riches throughout all eternity. But I won't love you next time.


The World Is a Disco Ball

The world is a disco ball, and we're little mirrors, one and all. Remember when you feel very small, the world is a disco ball. From Havana to Hong Kong, someone's dancing all night long.

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