I Thought You Were My Boyfriend: Remixes EP

All songs written by Stephin Merritt.

I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
(Extended Mix, Dub Mix, Single Edit)

You told me you loved me. I know where and when. Come sunrise, surprise surprise, the joke's on me again. I know you don't love me. You know I don't care. Keep it hidden better. Did I say the world was fair? I thought I was just the guy for you and it would never end. I thought we were supposed to be like glue. I thought you were my boyfriend... Love or not, I've always got ten guys on whom I can depend, and if you're not mine, one less is nine; get wise. I thought you were my boyfriend. I just hope you're happy stringing me along. While you're stringing, I'm here singing this, my saddest song. I wish I could see you. I wish I could sleep. Should I freak out? Should I seek out someone I could keep?... I wanted you tonight. I walked around a lot, wishing you were here to keep me from sleeping with anyone who might want me, or even not. Some guys have a beer and they'll do anything...

Copyright (c) May 2010 by The Distant Plastic Treehouse