Lonely Days EP

All songs written by Stephin Merritt except where noted.

Lonely Days

It's the sound of lonely days falling down like rain on this place. Please don't count the lonely days. Let this town fade to gray. Endless rows of houses fuse, and there's never any news, because there's nowhere to go but crazy, so we go. We just hang around in malls, up until the army calls, because there's nowhere to go but crazy, as you know. Nothing good is on TV. No one falls in love with me, and there's nobody to fall in love with, so I don't. Don't forget to stop and smell the glue. No one falls in love with you, and there's nobody to fall in love with, just the phone.


You've been tearing out your hair, and I've been drinking, listening to music in the dark. And I've been keeping to myself and you've been slinking all around the trailer park. There's no use even trying, because it's hopeless. All of our dreams are dying of overdoses. All of our plans are lying in ten-car road wrecks. There's just no point in crying. You know it's hopeless. You look at strangers like a kid in a candy store. I've been leaving on every train. And you don't keep a diary anymore. And I come home feeling no pain. Don't let me rain on your parade. Don't get your hair gray. It's just another wasted year. Nothing you can't forget in hours at the raceway. Nothing that can't be drown in beer.

Love Is Blue
Cover Song

How To Get Laid In Japanese

Tabako wa ikaga desu ka? (How about a cigarette?) Dare ka ga o machi desu ka? (Are you waiting for someone?) Yoru ga sugiyootoshiteimasu. (The night is almost over.) Hoteru ni o mukae ni kimasu. (I'll pick you up at the hotel.) Dono ban ni ikimashoo ka. (What night do you want to go?) O taku made okuri shimashoo ka? (Can I give you a ride home?) O hitori desu ka? (Are you alone?) Asu o shinji ni ikimasen ka? (Don't you live for tomorrow?)

Berlin on $10 a Day

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