Looming in the Gloom EP

All songs written by Stephin Merritt.

The Abandoned Castle of My Soul

I was young and impressionable, my morality questionable, when I happened to fall into a howling abyss, and I haven't hit the bottom yet. The abandoned castle of my soul. I was only seventeen when I lost control in the abandoned castle of my soul. I reached out for anything white with unspeakable appetites, found myself in the lair of a killing despair. Now it's ten years on and I'm still there.

Your Long White Fingers

Your long white fingers slither and glide. No gloves will hold them. They cannot hide. They frighten children and they make dogs howl. They glow in darkness and fill the faithful with doubt. Your long white fingers. Passion and grace. Gesticulations from some dark place. They look unnatural, faintly obscene. They loom large in all the strangest of dreams.

The Dead Only Quickly

Priests and fools say we are but animate clay, but rude vessels housing immortal souls. But the dead only quickly decay. They don't go around being born and reborn and rising and falling like soufflé. The dead only quickly decay. It would be swell to see some folks burn in hell, but when they go it's just as pleasant to know that the dead only quickly decay.

In a Cave

We're in a cave at the end of the world, cooking and eating our friends.

City of the Damned

Kick off your shoes, come join the show. Get the blues and let yourself go. Take off that happy smile, madame. Come along with us to the city of the damned. You'll be doing a lot more crying where the sun doesn't dare to shine. Don't tell your friends we're on the lam. Ride the magic hearse to the city of the damned. Leave behind everything you own. We're going off to the great unknown. Leave behind all your dreams and plans. Won't be needing them in the city of the damned. Won't you come along to the city of the damned.

Copyright (c) Sep 2002 - Mar 2006 by The Distant Plastic Treehouse