Wasps' Nests

All songs written by Stephin Merritt.

San Diego Zoo

Met you on a traffic island. We were there all day in the middle of the world's highway. Summer left its light green lipstick on our faces, took us to all the pretty places. Highway 405 will take you from the Boom Boom Room to Interstate 5 which goes right to the San Diego Zoo. San Diego Zoo. How could I have ever left you? Left you in a sidewalk cafe. I'm the restless kind. And I must have been out of my mind, 'cause I haven't slept since Wednesday. I've been getting thin. I just want to see your silly grin.

Aging Spinsters

You can have a fall and winter of your own, staying warm inside your Victorian home, but when the city's so hot the winos burst into flames, when the Jesus freaks collapse with the weight of their claims, marry young, Diana. I don't want to see you old and alone. It's no fun, Diana. I don't want to see you rot in the home for aging spinsters. You should find someone as loyal as a dog who will still love you when you look like a frog, someone to rock your chair and bring you pink lemonade, someone to peel you a grape 100 degrees in the shade.

All Dressed Up In Dreams

I was happy, which is not like me at all. For an hour I was feeling 10 feet tall, and I had myself a ball. I was heading for a fall. I got all dressed up in dreams, and I waited by the door, but you never even called to tell me you don't love me anymore. You're so pretty. Everybody falls for you. In this city, it's the only thing to do. So I cried for 16 days, and I cried in 16 ways. You said you'd arrive at 8, but you're 17 days late. So I wander in the rain as I slowly go insane.

Falling Out of Love (With You)

In an old Silverline, I was yours, you were mine. I was hoarse, you were mean. We designed drum machines. But every day in every way I'm falling out of love with you. Every kiss means less and less. I'm falling out of love with you. Every hour kills a flower. I'm falling out of love with you. You just bore me more and more. I'm falling out of love with you. They made sounds much like drums. I was young, you were dumb. Now you're older and I'm wiser. We design synthesizers.

Winter In July

All alone in Melbourne, all I do is cry. All as I see is rain falling. It's winter in July. In another city, 'neath another sky, are you feeling lonely? It's winter in July. Would you have fallen in love if we'd stayed another day? We could have fallen in love, but you let me fly away. I saw something in your eyes that I'll never find again, and now there's something in mine, so I'll walk out in the rain.

Pillow Fight

How sad the castle with no foundation underground. Sadder still is the lover with no mystery left unfound. You threaten to pack your trunks and go back to Chinatown. Did I say something impolitic or did I lay it on too thick, and are we breaking up tonight or can we have a pillow fight? Do we really need to hire a plane to carpetbomb down memory lane, and shall we figure out who's right or can we have a pillow fight? Diverse unpleasantness gather around our bed like pigeons 'round a park bench clamoring to be fed. Let us kill all these rats with wings by feeling them poisoned bread.

Dream Hat

I've been working in these here fields like it's something real, like it's got something to do with me, looking out on a wasted life with a wasted life who will have nothing to do with me. But I wear a dream hat now, one that's made of silk and lace. I wear a dream hat now, the only way to leave this place. I wear a dream hat now and give up on the human race. I wear a dream hat now so I won't have to see your face. I have suffered a million fools in factories and schools and in my little trailer home. I have suffered a million fools in rags and in jewels. I just want to be let alone.

Movies In My Head

While it may come as a shock, I wasn't born to love you. Though you've tried every trick known to Madison Avenue. I will eat all chocolate fed to me. I'll ride in the park. But it's only fair to tell you you're whistling in the dark. I can't remember anything you've ever said. You don't hold a candle to the movies in my head. I can't remember any life I might have led. I sit in the dark and watch the movies in my head. I'm always starring in the movies in my head. You can tell me all your secrets till you're blue in the face. You can stare into my eyes, but I'll be off in a daze. In my Indonesian palace I will probably stay. If you give me rings and roses, I will throw them away.

In the City in the Rain

In the city in the rain you've got a beautiful face. In the city in the rain you vanish without a trace. In the city in the rain you've got mysterious ways. In the city in the rain I'm gonna spend all my days. I think I'm gonna dance all night long. I think I'm gonna dance till the moon goes down. In the city in the rain, inside a smoky cafe. In the city in the rain you tell me that you'll stay. In the city in the rain you suddenly slip away. In the city in the rain I'm gonna spend all my days. In the city in the rain I hear the screaming of tires. In the city in the rain I'm setting myself on fire. In the city in the rain, among the beautiful lights. In the city in the rain I think I'll dance all night.

Looking for Love (In the Hall of Mirrors)

When you left them back on the farm for the city at dawn, the drone of the young and the hum of the pretty were songs you thought you'd never forget. It's a pity they're gone. When the sun goes down and the moon appears, you go looking for love in the hall of mirrors. There's a dark place down by the tracks where the wrinkles don't show. They've got a room in the back where the lonely hearts go. You can get in on the act or just take in the show.

Heaven In a Black Leather Jacket

She'll be leaving on a Sunday morning train. You'll be hanging around the docks again. Some work is never done. Can't sleep for holding on till then. Heaven in a black leather jacket hit me like a hurricane. Heaven in a black leather jacket. I don't even know you're name. Heaven in a black leather jacket. Kiss me in the Hollywood rain. You've been running through the limbic system maze, drowning it in a dull lysergic haze. Can't find much peace of mind, but after sunset you'll be fine.

Here In My Heart

There's a beautiful song since you came along here in my heart. There's a beautiful sound since you came around here in my heart. There's a soft summer rain since the day that you came here in my heart. There's a whole wonderland when I'm holding your hand. Here in my heart you planted a seed. Here in my heart you're all I need. When you're gone, I'm alone, and I cry. But I know you'll come home by and by. In the gloom of my room night and day, till my eyes turn as red as a flame, crying your name. In a year will these tears turn to joy? Or am I just a vice, just a toy? In a while, will your smile fade away? Will we be history gone astray, nothing to say?

Puerto Rico Way

The sun pissing in the streets of some hung over place dances with two left feet upon her face. But soft! She is fast asleep beneath her mosquitoes. You would never want to know what she knows. I met a girl down Puerto Rico way with an eye as true as steel. And the hair grew red upon her head. Oh, love, it would have been ideal. The summer air down Puerto Rico way is as hot as it can be, but the orchestra plays night and day. Martina, will you dance with me? She's drunk every single day. She's young most of the time. She's spent all of the rent on her decline. She's fun, fun to be around. She's done everything once. She's a fallen woman, fallen sound asleep in the sun.

You Can't Break a Broken Heart

Sometimes you remind me of a doll: lifelike, but so frail and so small. Your plastic eyes see nothing and your painted lips are still. And I know you don't love me, but you will. You've tried science, you've tried art, but you can't break a broken heart. You can tear my brain apart, but you can't break a broken heart. You cried when you knew I would look. You tried every trick in the book. But I read that book yesterday, and yesterday's for fools, and I won't play by yesterday's dumb rules.

When I'm Out of Town

Where do you go when I'm not around? Who do you love when I'm out of town? The butcher, the baker, the thin undertaker who makes not a sound? Who do you love when I'm out of town? Have all my dreams come tumbling down? Who's in your arms where I used to drown? The old money-lender, the lonely bartender, the carnival clown? Who do you love when I'm out of town? Don't say. It doesn't matter anyway, because it doesn't matter what you say. All of our pages are turning to brown. We're breaking up, and I'm breaking down. The man in the forest, the dashing young florist, the nurse muscle-bound? Who do you love when I'm out of town?

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