I'm not doing the mix tape anymore sorry.  I basically got bored of it.  It was fun for two and a half years, and now it's not that fun.  I realized I should take it down when I didn't even feel like putting up a Halloween mix.

I could just leave it here, just in case I have a song I want to post, but then you guys would be checking daily (as some said you did) and becoming disappointed daily.  Instead, if I have a random MP3 I want to post, I'll stick it on my front page at (a page you should check daily: especially the updates page).  Hell, I might even do a Christmas mix.  Or, hell hell, I might even bring this back one day.  (I will keep the archives and all that.)

But I'm putting it away for now and possibly forever.  Thanks for all the nice stuff you said about me.  I know it'll be hard to find someone with taste as good as mine willing to post free stuff, but you'll manage.

If nothing else, you should remember one thing:

Rusty Spell's Online Mix Tape was not, never was, and will never be a blog.

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