Aaron Seltzer

A writer and director of parodies.

Date Movie (2006) -- For the first Scary Movie, Keenan Ivory Wayans was smart enough to warn the writers that they were doing a parody of a satire, so they had to be careful not to make the same jokes.  Date Movie is a parody a romantic comedy, but instead of inventing new jokes, they just exaggerated the jokes from the originals.  Sometimes there's not even a joke, just a reference, as if the audience will laugh just because they recognize something.  "Oh, that looks like Mr. and Mrs. Smith," etc.  The laughs that do come from the movie (and there are a few) are eventually ruined with overlong scenes that stretch things out like SNL sketches or the worst of Family Guy.  No fault to the actors, though.  Alyson Hannigan is beautiful and perky and and holds the movie together (and is pretty funny in a fat suit) and newcomer Adam Campbell will (or at least should) go on to greater movies both in comedy and drama as he was great at both.  Parody movies can be as classic as the things they are parodying (see Airplane!, Scary Movie, or even Scream), but there have been enough of these generic parody movies at this point (Not Another Teen Movie comes to mind) that it's about time someone parodies them somehow.  Though maybe that would cause us to sink into a postmodern vortex, so maybe not. C

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