Andrew Fleming

Seems an okay guy.

The Craft (1996) -- A decent-enough sexy witch movie. C

Dick (1999) -- Perfect to watch directly after seeing All the President's Men, this is actually a rather clever movie with a great cast: the always-perfect Kirsten Dunst, the adorable Michelle Williams (who almost steals the entire movie simply with her singing of "I Honestly Love You"), Dan Heyeda as Nixon, and even Dave Foley, Harry Shearer, Bruce McCulloch, and Will Ferrell. There's a few missteps -- such as the somewhat heartbreaking "fall of Nixon" scene at the end of the movie which turns into a "you suck Dick" joke and him flipping off the girls -- but the movie is funny, clever (the explanations of "what really happened" actually seem plausible), and cute, and gets kind of better with more viewings. B

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