Andy Wachowski

Andy and Larry are The Wachowski Brothers, creators of The Matrix.

Indifferent Bound (1996) -- Besides the sexy Lesbian stuff and a bit of slick direction, this is just another mob thriller.  Decent-enough, but not great or anything new.

Indifferent The Matrix (1999) -- Directed with Larry Wachowski. The Wachowski Brothers took all the Hong Kong wirework moves, the latest in stylized special effects (the type that doesn't look at all "real," but instead "cool"), some freshman-year debates about reality and the Man, and the still-dumb-after-all-these-years Keanu Reeves, balled it all up and threw it into this big sloppy gross (and yet slick) movie that certainly deserved some attention... but Jesus, not this much attention. It's fun stuff, but -- I guess because of the moronic "philosophical" stuff going on in the movie -- lots of people take it way too seriously. Slow-motion bullets would remain popular for years to come. (Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski also direct the sequel, The Matrix Reloaded.)

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