Ang Lee

Has a skill for nature and beauty and covers a variety of subjects and genres in his movies.  Whether I like his movies or not depends on what he's doing.

Really Like It Sense and Sensibility (1995) -- A solid adaptation of the Jane Austin novel.  Instead of focusing on language and costume, like in a lot of period pieces, Ang Lee's direction and Emma Thompson's screenplay had the good sense to focus on the very good story and characters, all of them well-acted.

Like It The Ice Storm (1997) -- Although it sounds like the usual "suburbia isn't as perfect as it seems" stuff, this movie is still a standout in that genre. The most memorable part of the movie to me is the attention Ang Lee pays to the ice itself, both in terms of photography and sound.

Really Like It Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) -- Although the story itself is a little lacking in my opinion, this movie so worth watching for the fight scenes alone--and I'm not a person who's particularly fond of fight scenes. The movie makes you realize that movies are movies and don't have to be real life, yet the fantastic elements get the most realistic treatment which makes it even better.

Like It The Hulk (2003) -- Better than Spiderman? In many ways. The webslinger movie was fun and charming and all, but this one was pretty captivating to me throughout emotionally. One of the things I like about this one is the fact that the Hulk isn't a superhero per se, just a guy grappling with stuff and running from people who are neither bad nor good (except that one really bad guy). A quiet, inner picture.

Indifferent Brokeback Mountain (2005) -- This movie might have been good if it had just focused on a quiet, slow relationship between two (single) cowboys on a mountain: two men who fall in love in spite of their previous beliefs.    Instead, it's about two losers who marry as a smokescreen or to scam the wife, cheat on their them, and waste our time for twenty years' worth of crap.  Jake Gyllenhaal is as annoying as ever.  Heath Ledger does a pretty good job, though, as the mumbling emotional clam.

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