Arlene Sanford

TV director of Ally McBeal, Desperate Housewives, and others.  She also directs movies.

Really Like It A Very Brady Sequel (1996) -- Bonnie and Terry Turner didn't write this one and Betty Thomas didn't direct, but but the new writers and director Arlene Sanford preserved the tone and comedy of the first movie to create one that is just as funny and certainly even more out there in absurd humor.  By the end of the movie, when Higgins from Magnum PI lets us know that Carol's husband was the professor from Gilligan's Island, it isn't stupid or gimmicky but actually makes sense.  The cast, set design, colors, songs, etc. are perfect again and fans of the first will be fans of this one.  (See Betty Thomas for the predecessor, The Brady Bunch Movie.)

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