Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller is a great and funny and versatile actor who so far has directed pretty good movies as well.

Reality Bites (1994) -- A pretty decent Generation X film with a decently cool cast and that Ben Stiller kind of hipness. The on and off romance between Winona Rider and Ethan Hawke is less interesting than some of the rest of the elements, such as the MTV parody accomplished by Winona's edited film or Ben Stiller's phraseology-stuttering character. C

The Cable Guy (1996) -- Whoever says this is a flop or bad career movie for either Jim Carrey or Ben Stiller can bite me. It was just as good or better than anything Carrey been in to this point (Dumb and Dumber being the closest rival) and it was certainly better than the movie that came after it, Liar Liar. The Cable Guy is really funny and smart. B

Zoolander (2001) -- Better than I thought it could be, which means that it made me laugh about as much as a goofy model parody movie could do. C

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