Bob Koherr

Director of several Drew Carey Show episodes and other comedy outings.

Like It Plump Fiction (1998) -- Funnier than you think it would be based on the title, this is a parody of Tarantino movies (a loving one, seemingly) that also throws in Forrest Gump, Nell, and others.  The good actors make it funny.  The cast includes Tommy Davidson, Julie Brown, Paul Dinello, Sandra Bernhard, Dan Castellaneta, and Pamela Segall who has the funniest role with her impression of Juliette Lewis from Natural Born Killers.  Some of the jokes are typical or stupid (like the "Miserlou" song becoming a version of "Hava Nagila"), but most are pretty funny and the movie does a good job coming up with original jokes rather than just re-creating scenes from the movies they are spoofing.

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