Brian Cook

Stanley Kubrick's first assistant director who eventually directed Color Me Kubrick.

Don't Like It Color Me Kubrick (2005) -- Brian Cook was the first assistant director for Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, The Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut; Anthony Frewin was his personal assistant.  They got together and decided to make a movie about the real-life Alan Conway who conned people by pretending to be Stanley Kubrick, starring John Malkovich.  That's where this stops being interesting.  Basically the movie is Malkovich conning one person after another, with no variation, simply saying "I'm Stanley Kubrick" (over and over and over).  They use music from Kubrick's films in the movie, and that's the best thing about it, but it makes you wish they'd done more than that.  If they're going to insist on a Kubrick connection to the movie (and there isn't), then go all out: reference every movie he's ever done.  Use costumes, camera shots, everything.  But no.  This is just a waste of a potentially good idea in the end, kind of like Being John Malkovich.

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