Bruce McCulloch

One of my five favorite Kids in the Hall, I knew Bruce had the directing bug in him from watching some of the more "student film" looking sketches of his TV show.

Dog Park (1998) -- I watched this because Bruce McCulloch wrote and directed it, but I was pretty disappointed. With the exception of a few funny moments from Mark McKinney, Harland Williams, and Bruce himself, this was mostly a boring movie about relationships. Along with the handful of funny moments were a few seconds worth of Bruce genius ("Look at those people up there. Is that the last thing you want to see before you die?"), and watching for these were the only things making it worth watching at all. C

Superstar (1999) -- Where I liked Dog Park a lot less than I thought I would, I liked this movie more than I thought I would (of course, I didn't think I would like it at all). I basically watched it for Bruce's sake and for Tom Green's small role (oh, and his few parts were worth it to a Tom nut like me), but found myself sort of surprised that it was at least halfway funny. And I never liked the Mary Katherine Gallagher character or even Molly Shannon. Harland Williams, of course, was brilliant again. B

Stealing Harvard (2002) -- In spite of this movie's earnest attempt to be a typical second-rate Farrelly clone (including dogs-on-crotches, cross-dressing, standard 90s comedy characters, stupid villains, etc.), the efforts of the hilarious-by-the-second Tom Green and an especially charming Jason Lee pull this one above the rest and make it well worth seeing. Bruce himself even gets to play a very Kids-like character in a bad lawyer ("I won a case"). B

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