Bryan Barber

Music video director of OutKast and others.

Idlewild (2006) -- Really weird movie starring OutKast, but interesting in its oddness.  Instead of making a more modern movie, in the form of A Hard Day's Night or Spice World, it's more like one of those bizarre pop musicals from the 1980s, like Xanadu or Under the Cherry Moon.  Bryan Barber throws in some music video tricks like animated roosters, musical notes, and cuckoo clocks.  Some of it feels like a musical, some a music video, some a straight drama, and some a comedy (though not as much as you'd think).  This weird mix and two distinct (and slightly overlapping) stories works as a movie mostly because it doesn't work, if that makes any sense.  On top of everything, of course, is the great music, both from the Idlewild album and from their previous double disk, Speaker Boxxx/The Love Below.  Not perfect, but unique, and I like it. B

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