Cameron Crowe

He was an undercover reporter at a high school, held a boom box above his head blasting Peter Gabriel, opened his eyes, and showed everyone the money.  He sucks.

Don't Like It Almost Famous (2000) -- Kind of dull movie about Crowe's life as a teenage rock journalist.  I kept waiting for the dude to get the interview with Black Sabbath and was anxious for the lesser-known rock band side story to be over--but it never was.

Don't Like It Elizabethtown (2005) -- I only watched the middle-front twenty minutes of this and it looks like Cameron Crowe is up to his usual dickhead antics: a suicidal (of course) dude (or dud) who meets some teenage male fantasy chick while playing on southern stereotypes (including the casting of Food Network southern stereotype Paula Deen).  Where's my scareCrowe?

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