Carl Reiner

Rob's funnier dad. Mel Brooks' pal.

Like It Oh, God! (1977) -- Thinking of George Burns as God when you're a kid is an eye-opening experience. I don't remember how "good" this movie is, but I seem to recall a genuine amount of niceness and humor. Certainly better than something like Bruce Almighty which goes for similar stuff but fails. (See Gilbert Cates for the sequel, Oh, God! Book II.)

Really Like It The Jerk (1979) -- This is one hella funny movie, even today. It's a perfect old-school Steve Martin vehicle, back when he was a "wild and crazy guy," and allows him to show off this absolutely zany humor. Funny, funny stuff in almost every scene.

Like It Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982) -- This movie is more about the trick (intercutting old noir movies with a new noir parody) than the jokes, but there is the occasional joke.  When they're not coming, the trick works well enough.

Like It The Man with Two Brains (1983) -- Steve Martin teams up with Carl Reiner again for another movie that has about the same goof factor (in a good way) as The Jerk--if not as consistently funny.

Like It All of Me (1984) -- Watching this today, the humor doesn't hold up as well, but that's mostly because we've seen others (like Jim Carrey, who really should do a remake of this) do the same kind of physical humor that Steve Martin pioneered in this movie. It's during the more "premise" moments of the movie that it works the best: Steve Martin flinging himself around or whatever because Lily Tomlin controls one half of his body. But sometimes the movie just forgets to be funny. Dated, but still good, this is the last pairing of Martin and Reiner.

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