Caveh Zahedi

The new Woody Allen for my generation.

Really Like It I Am a Sex Addict (2005) -- If Woody Allen didn't have any money to make his movies, and if he had real problems instead of just "neurosis," then that comes close to Caveh Zahedi in this movie.  The movie's presentation is great and seems pretty original, even if it uses certain movie-making conventions from Woody Allen and other postmodern filmmakers.  The story is an autobiography, fictionalized with actors, but with enough "real" stuff that it might as well be a documentary.  Best of all, the entire thing is funny, even when -- or especially when -- he and the other characters are having their biggest problems.  In the end, it's a real movie about addiction, and the humor and meta-film touch only adds to the seriousness, not the other way around (which would usually be the case).  Caveh Zahedi is a likeable, smart, funny guy and I'm glad he got a break with this movie.  Can't wait to see more.

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