Claude Nuridsany

Documentary man.

MicroCosmos (1996) -- Directed with Marie Perennou. A great movie on insects. No really. The camerawork and sounds of these up-close bugs and other small things are pretty amazing. If you're squeamish (like me), some of it is a little hard to watch (one of the highlights is a couple of slugs making love to opera), but you find yourself watching anyway because it's so fascinating. A

Genesis (2004) -- Directed with Marie Perennou.  Photography of animal life and microscopic stuff fused with the myth and science (one in the same here) of creation.  Not as successful overall as MicroCosmos, but still wonderfully done.  However, where the bugs of the previous film made me feel a little creepy, I simply couldn't watch the frogs, lizards, monitors, etc. in this movie, so I mostly watched the carpet and even had to simply fast-forward through some stuff so as not to have nightmares.  This, I realize, is a personal disorder and shouldn't detract you from watching the film. B

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