Damiano Damiani

Spaghetti western.

Indifferent Amityville II: The Possession (1982) -- I'm not sure if it's a better movie than the first (which was only barely okay to begin with), but it's certainly weirder.  The most memorable element of the movie is the incest.  The brother (whose excuse is that he's possessed) asks his sister to pretend she's modeling for him.  She agrees.  He then asks her to take off her shirt (with no bra underneath).  "Okay, but just for a second," she says.  Now we have brother looking at sister boobs.  (Remember, she's not possessed or anything, just going along with it.)  It's not until he shows her that he's taken her panties from the laundry that she begins to get nervous.  Finally, he moves in for a kiss and the next thing you know, they're doing it.  (Also, before the brother became possessed, there was flirting going on.)  Further things showing that this family was screwed up even before any demons entered the story is the father, who's hitting family members left and right for no reason.  At one point, the brother holds a gun to his dad's head, only for it to be overlooked later in a warm birthday party.  It's messy and weird and -- once the brother kills the entire family -- it keeps going for another half hour or more, devolving into a direct rip pf The Exorcist, but it's worth watching once for its oddness.  (Stuart Rosenberg directs the predecessor, The Amityville HorrorRichard Fleischer and William Wales direct the sequel, Amityville 3-D.)

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