Danny Boyle

A very cool, deceptively good director.  Just as well to avoid his trailers, since they won't show you how good the movies are.

Like It Shallow Grave (1994) -- Has many of the themes that would come out in greater form in Boyle's later movies, such as the shy or normal guy who gets all violent.  A good debut.

Like It Trainspotting (1996) -- I don't like drug movies, but I like this one. I t's not really a drug movie after all, except that that's what it entirely.  Okay, you got me.

Like It The Beach (2000) -- Marketed as a stupid heartthrob-in-paradise Leo DiCaprio movie, this turned out to be (though not his best) a decently cool Danny Boyle thinkin'-person's movie.

Really Like It 28 Days Later (2002) -- Pretty great stuff.  Again, not as it was marketed, as just a dumb zombie movie.  Smartness prevails.  This is sort of a update of Lord of the Flies in theme.

Like It Millions (2004) -- Danny Boyle made a children's movie without altering his style too much, meaning probably that children will like this one a little more when they grow up than they do when they're too tiny to absorb it all.  The lead (Alex Etel) is great, the story is pretty good, and the music is especially great.

Like It Sunshine (2007) -- Boyle's space movie looks like a cross between 2001 and (especially) Alien.  By this point you expect Boyle's movies to be all thought-provoking, and it sort of is, but not as much as you imagine.  The movie is best at making us believe that they are actually that close to the sun and you feel a little like you're baking in it while watching (no joke).

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