Dario Argento

Italian creator of Suspiria who has also collaborated with Sergio Leone and George A. Romero.

Really Like It Suspiria (1977) -- This is more of a work of art than a horror movie, and that's a good thing.  The sets and lighting are super-pretty.  To say some of the images in the movie are like a nightmarish version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is to say what's been said about millions of other movies, but this is one of the better times this is true.  As for the story itself, or the horror, it's average stuff.  Chick finds herself caught up with a coven of witches, ends up killing the leader, there are some bloody and kinda creative deaths, etc.  The best, and scariest, thing about the movie is the music by Goblin.  It's scarier to hear them scream "Witch!" over their insane synthesizers than it is to see an actual witch mutilating someone.  Put in the soundtrack and you'll probably be more scared than watching the movie itself.

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