Dave Foley

The "straight" man from the Kids in the Hall who went on to star in NewsRadio and one of those poker shows.  One of the funniest guys on the planet.

The Kids in the Hall: Same Guys, New Dresses (2000) -- For someone like me who thinks that The Kids in the Hall is more or less that funniest TV show ever made, this documentary about their 2000 stage tour is a gift.  Dave Foley himself directed the movie and he allows the cameras to go everywhere and give fans an insight as to how the boys function in their "real life," how they write comedy, what their obsessions are, their real personalities, etc.  There are some interesting side-tracks in the movie as well, such as the drama that arises when Dave wants to get laser eye surgery the day before a show or when Scott tries to train a robot dog to perform on stage with him and takes it way too seriously (showing that Scott is more weird than most of his characters).  The only thing upsetting about the movie is a lack of Bruce who barely appears, and to a lesser degree Mark.  Fans of the show and the comedians (and fans of comedy in general) will love this and everyone else would probably enjoy it for its voyeuristic nature.  Before I watched this, I expected it would be some sketchy (pun intended) home video footage, but I was happily surprised. A

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