David Sutherland

Very involved documentary maker.

Really Like It The Farmer's Wife (1998) -- Even though I didn't watch every bit of this six and a half hour PBS documentary, I thought it was exceptional.  And this is the one movie I can think of where the reason I didn't watch some of it was because of how good it was: the filmmaker took its time with the family and made their problems seem like yours, the viewer's, and so sometimes I'd just stop watching for a while so I wouldn't get depressed over problems that I didn't even have.  This is the closest thing I've ever seen to actual "reality television," especially since the couple seemed to barely notice the cameras were ever on them.

Really Like It Country Boys (2002) -- Very similar to The Farmer's Wife in its approach and length, but this time the subjects didn't drive you nearly as insane--though one of them, Chris, was endlessly frustrating.  Like Sutherland's last documentary, this one presented real life in a real way.

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