Dennis Dugan

The actor-turn-bad movie director-turn-Adam Sandler director.

Hate It Problem Child (1990) -- John Ritter tries real hard, but nothing can make a movie about a brat with a bow tie good. Horrible, horrible... and I have had the misfortune of seeing it several times thanks to my parents' love of this kind of movie. (See Brian Levant for the sequel, Problem Child 2.)

Really Like It Happy Gilmore (1996) -- One of those great Sandler/Herlihy movies, so funny in its absurdity sometimes that it hurts.

Like It Big Daddy (1999) -- I thought it was a little too sappy the first time I saw it -- being used to stuff like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and The Waterboy -- but seeing it again later I realized it's a sweet movie with some genuinely funny and even touching scenes.  The kid(s) (they're twins) in the movie does a rare job of being cut yet not annoying.

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