Eric Goldberg

Disney guy.

Hate It Pocahontas (1995) -- Co-directed with Mike Gabriel. Possibly the most boring piece of crap Disney ever made.

Like It Fantasia 2000 (2000) -- Co-directed with James Algar, Gaetan Brizzi, Hendel Butoy, Francis Glebas, and Pixote Hunt. After hearing about this since 1992 (I saw storyboards for it when I was at Disney World then), it finally came out, after being disappointed six times that it wasn't next. The verdict? It's okay. Maybe it was a too-pat redo of the original Fantasia (Donald Duck replaces Mickey Mouse, a new abstract piece, etc.). At any rate, when I watch it, I don't feel the same magic I do when I watch the first one. It's like these new guys knew too much what they were doing, whereas in the other one I feel like I'm watching raw genius and a labor of love. Having said all that, I still like it. It's pretty cool. (See Walt Disney for the predecessor, Fantasia.)

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