Ernest B. Shoedsack

The director who teamed up with producer Merian C. Cooper to make King Kong, Mighty Joe Young, and others.

King Kong (1933) -- Directed with Merian C. Cooper.  Even though this was made in 1933, this still works -- even if nothing else -- as an effective special effects movie.  The monster in this film had a real personality without losing too much of his monkeyness.  Beyond the Kong effects, though, the movie also works as a good adventure movie, with the stars (themselves lots more unsympathetic than the monkey) encountering one jungle problem after another.  The fight between Kong and the T-Rex is especially good.  Of course, King Kong atop the Empire State Building with Fay Wray in hand is one of the most iconic moments of the century. Ernest B. Shoedsack also directs the sequel, The Son of Kong.

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