Frank Miller

The comic book guy.

Love It Sin City (2005) -- Directed with Robert Rodriguez and guest director Quentin Tarantino. This movie is ballsy. Of course, there are the literal balls in the movie: every guy's nuts being blown off or ripped out. Then there's the testosteroniness of the movie, with every guy narrating his macho philosophy and every woman being a hooker or stripper. But then there's the ballsiness of Rodriguez for putting this thing out the way he did: as a purposefully-offensive movie, where the offensiveness eventually becomes the magic and fun. It worked for me. Also, even as a guy who doesn't much like comic books, it was great to finally see a comic book being presented the way everyone always wanted them to look on the screen. I wasn't sure why or how Frank Miller was given co-directing credit for this one, but then I realized it was because his comics were pretty much used for storyboards, meaning that Miller was making the movie for this way back when he first did the graphic novels. There wasn't even an adapted script, making this more of a Miller project than a Rodriguez project in the end. The collaboration on the movie was very cool (including the cameo direction by Tarantino), the black and white mixed with touches of color was beautiful, and in the end I was totally sucked in. This movie is pretty much a masterpiece.

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