Garth Jennings

Director guy.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) -- From radio drama to books to BBC miniseries to computer text adventure, this big screen movie is the least successful of the Hitchhiker's incarnations. As a movie by itself, free of any expectations, it's a semi-decent, halfway funny, probably too confusing space movie parody--but it only has about 20% of the humor, plot twists, and absurdist "deep thought" of any of the previous versions. No one will become a Douglas Adams fan simply by watching this movie, and Douglas Adams fans will only enjoy the movie a little bit. The best thing about the movie: Mos Def. Second best thing: the cute Marvin design (it doesn't work for the character too much, but it's still a cute design). The worst thing: Zaphod -- one of the best characters from the series -- becomes mentally incapacitated for the second half of the movie. The movie was fine and enjoyable enough, but it was also a wasted opportunity to make something definitive. B

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